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About Us

Mia & April are our wigglebutt girls - they are also the inspiration for Wigglebutt Box and our official tasters and testers. The girls have the run of our home and the warehouse and generally make everyone laugh and smile 1,000 times a day. Both girls are rescue dogs from Camp Cocker Rescue and they are the absolute joy of our lives.

You can read more about Mia & April if you "follow" us on any of our social media links below.  We share what the girls are up to on a regular basis, as well as helpful tips and things that will make you laugh.  Feel free to join in on "Tounge out Tuesday" and "Wigglebutt Wednesday" by posting pics of your dog.  Come on, share, we want to see your wigglebutt!

By following and sharing you'll also have access to contests and drawings for bonus boxes, Wigglebutt Crates (whoa!) and special prizes!